Screenplay Analyses FAQ

When I started reading scripts I realized two things:

  • I learn better by analyzing what I just read. Hence why I write a short analysis of each script I read. Sometimes I break down a script by analyzing pacing, dialogue, etc. but other times, particularly when a script (or movie) is well-known and has already been analyzed by many, I focus on something more specific like a prevalent theme. Then I post my analysis to this site.
  • Every script has grammatical errors and that doesn’t matter. Scripts aren’t novels: They are used as a blueprint to make a movie. As long as the message gets across, no one cares about grammar. Therefore, you will probably find errors when reading my analyses. The truth is, if I wanted to get my analyses down to a point where there were almost zero spelling errors, I would have to spend a good 30 minutes going through each of them. That’s 30 less minutes I can spend reading another script. By all means, if you see an error, please leave it in a comment; but if it doesn’t impact the overall message I am trying to convey it’s not necessary.

Lastly, I’m not a professional script reader or doctor. I started analyzing scripts in early 2023, so the older an analysis is, the worse it generally is. If you disagree with an opinion I share, you could be right. Leave your thoughts in a comment. That’s one of the reasons movies can be fun, not everybody gets the same message out of each one.